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Our Company's Newly Developed LoRa Wireless Remote Transmission Meter Product Release

Nov 13, 2020

FXM100/TW Series LoRa Wireless Remote SF6 Gas Density Relay


The FXM100/TW series LoRa wireless remote SF6 gas density relay can achieve LoRa wireless remote transmission function. Full power with SF6 density relay. It can directly indicate the density (P20) value on the dial, which is used to monitor the density (P20) value of SF6 gas in closed containers. When the density (P20) value reaches the set value, the internal contact logic state changes, thereby outputting the contact signal; It also has real-time digital information collection, calculation, and LoRa wireless remote transmission,which can provide real-time data for the online monitoring system of equipment status. Mainly used for SF6 Insulated GIS switchgear, circuit breakers, pole mounted switches, and transformers, as well as SF6 gas online monitoring systems.


Monitoring range

-0.1~0.9MPa (customizable)

Monitoring accuracy

(SF6 is gas state)  20: ±1.0%(F.S.) or ±1.6%(F.S. -40~60: ±2.5%F.S.

Ingress protection


Ambient temperature

-40 60, relative humidity 95%RH

Leakage rate

(helium leak detection)

Interface size

M20 1.5  (customizable)

Type of contact

Magnetic assisted electric contact switch 80% Ag20% Ni contact gold plated 10μm

Insulation performance

Resistance of insulation>100M(500V DC)power-frequency withstand voltage2Kv,50/60 Hz 1min

Contact electrical parameters


Shock resistance

50g(Oil filled) or 30g(Oil free)

vibration resistance




Supply voltage


Power consumption



LoRa wireless transmission, transmission distance over open spaces 5km

Anti-electromagnetic interference

IEC61000-4-2:4class(15KV)  IEC61000-3:3class(10V/m)

IEC61000-4-4:4class(4KV)   IEC61000-45:4class(+/4KV)

IEC61000-4-6:3class(10V)   IEC61000-48:5class(100A/m)

IEC61000-4-9:5class        IEC61000-4-10:5class




The FXM100/TW series LoRa wireless remote SF6 gas density relay, combined with LoRa data transmission radio DT U, which can achieve LoRa wireless transmission between FXM100/TW and DTU.And DTU outputs externally RS485 (ModBus RTU), TCP/IP, 4G and other communication interfaces and protocols.

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